My name is Dr Hank Snaffler Jr., and I’m currently on a fifteen year journey exploring and documenting the abandoned world. I will not quit permanently travelling before July 30th, 2027. This site contains photos, location details, and other information about abandoned skyscrapers, stadiums, schools, hospitals, and entire cities. Some are ancient, others are modern. All, are radical.

Currently, my team are still adding more features to this website, and ironing out a few bugs. They will not stop working until I confirm that this is indeed the number one fastest website in the world, and I can securely access it from no matter where on this planet I may be.

My team are also powerful alcoholics, and I have already given them more chances than I care to mention.

Dr Hank Snaffler Jr.
Master of Science in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces

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  1. hey Doc, im currently in BKK, came especially here to explore the Sathorne unique, and unfortunately found out that they might be about to knock it down (there are workers emptying the rubbish and also gaz bottles near the pillars but nothing is confirmed since I didn’t find any information and couldn’t talk to locals about it), but anyway, the building is being watched by policemen and workers so at the moment i haven’t been able to get in. The only thing i was told is that a fire was set to a higher level of the building last week on monday. also those fucking wild dogs are everywhere, in the car park next to the building and also in the lower levels of the tower.

    anyway, my question isn’t about Sathorne but about the 3 identical buildings you explored in BKK in 2011 and mention in your comments. Where are these buildings located ? Im so disapointed i might not get in the Sathorne that id like to explore other abandonned places instead. your knowledge of the city would be a great help !



    PS : i don’t know if you’ve been to Sydney but there’s a scary abandonned hospital (Redfern suburb), i explored it at the end of 2012 but have seen lots of pics since then on Flickers and it’s still here, i recommend you to go if you have any opportunity to do so !

    1. Hello Leslie,

      The other three buildings, are, unfortunately, no longer abandoned. Incredibly, they were finally completed after being abandoned for more than a decade. I have been to Sydney, but have not explored the hospital in Redfern. Seems as though you have given me an excuse to return.

      Thanks, and good luck with your adventure.

      Dr Hank Snaffler Jr.

  2. Hello Dr. Hank Snaffler

    Would it be possible to publish one or more of your abandoned circus pictures in our printed circus magazine? Please contact me by e-mail. Thanks a lot!


  3. Hello,

    I am a French freelance journalist and I am trying to write a paper on Bangkok abandoned buildings phenomenon and especially on the Sathorn Unique.

    I would like to know if I could ask you some questions about this and about urban exploration.

    Thank you for your time,

    Matthieu B.

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