Ancient Abandoned City of Persepolis in Iran

Persepolis Iran

Well, this is a bit different for Abandoned Journey. I’m currently on holidays in the incredible country of Iran, in the Middle East. Today,I visited the spectacular ruins of Persepolis, an ancient city built over two and a half thousand years ago, and located in present-day central Iran. No, it’s not urban exploration. But, even Dr Snaffler requires a holiday with his family now and then. If I can sneak in a trip to an abandoned city, all the better.

Persepolis is located near the city of Shiraz, Iran. Shiraz makes for a perfect holidays destination in Iran, due to its proximity to a large number of ancient and abandoned sites. Of course, being known for great kebabs and ice-cream doesn’t hurt, except for my waistline that is. Where was I. Oh yes. Persepolis has been abandoned for over 2300 years, having only lasted around 200 years before it was burned to the ground by Alexander the Great.

Persepolis Iran
Although it is very much a tourist attraction, Persepolis certainly was abandoned in more ways than one on this day. There were almost no other tourists present. This made for a fascinating day, exploring the abandoned ancient city streets, as well as roaming around the hillside searching for hidden caves and viewing the tombs of ancient Persian Kings.

Persepolis is slowly but surely being restored. For example, of the enormous stone pillars you see in the photos, only three have been re-erected in the last forty years. For the most part, the ruins of Persepolis are exactly as they have been for over two millenia.

Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the time, but fortunately for fans of abandoned cities,  Persepolitan architecture is noted for its use of wooden columns. Architects resorted to stone only when the largest planks of wood did not fulfil the required sizes. Column bases and capitals were made of stone, even on wooden shafts. Thus, when Alexander decided to burn this city, it was indeed almost completely destroyed. Some say you can still see evidence of the flames, some 2300 years later – such was the ferocity of the fire.

Persepolis Iran

Persepolis Iran
So, yes, I’m here in Iran. There are a lot of stringent requirements with regards to photography, and trespassing. An Iranian prison is the last place I would like to end up in, so we shall see whether any genuine urban exploration is accomplished whilst I am here. But, the country is a spectacular holiday destination. Iran may not be number one for urban exploration (we’ll see), but it certainly is number one for holidays, in my humble opinion.

Please enjoy the photos from Persepolis, the ancient Persian city in modern-day Iran.

Dr Hank Snaffler Jr.

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