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perth entertainment center - abandoned stadium building

Abandoned Stadium – 8000 Seat, Abandoned, Indoor Stadium Exploration. Hell. Yeah.

Abandoned stadium? Well, the locals down under called it an “Entertainment Centre”. I call it an abandoned building the likes of which I have never seen. With a capacity of over 8,000 people, and an entry in the Guiness Book of World Records, this is urban exploration not to be missed. For over a decade, […]

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abandoned power station building

Abandoned 1940′s Power Station – Beautiful Decay by the Indian Ocean…and Possibly, a Murder or Two.

Abandoned Fremantle Power Station, Australia. Construction of the spectacular building commenced in January 1946. By the 1980′s, after just 34 years of service, it was left rotting on the coast of the beautiful Indian Ocean. Much of the Power Station internals were designed and manufactured in England, with skilled contractors sent out from England to […]

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Abandoned Campus

COMING SOON : Campus of Terror – Abandoned College Campus Buildings in the Suburbs

An entire campus, abandoned for years, in the middle of the ‘burbs? A restaurant, library, lecture theatre, scores of classrooms and other buildings.¬†Won’t somebody think of the children? OH THE HUMANITIES!!! ..coming very soon…

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