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Abandoned 1940′s Power Station – Beautiful Decay by the Indian Ocean…and Possibly, a Murder or Two.

abandoned power station building

Abandoned Power Station Building

Abandoned Fremantle Power Station, Australia. Construction of the spectacular building commenced in January 1946. By the 1980′s, after just 34 years of service, it was left rotting on the coast of the beautiful Indian Ocean. Much of the Power Station internals were designed and manufactured in England, with skilled contractors sent out from England to assemble the plant on site. These days, the only visitors are intrepid urban explorers, talented graffiti artists, and a few curiously brave locals. The seaside location of this abandoned building has lead to some seriously stunning patina. One of the reasons for choosing this buildings location was the ease with which seawater could be utilised for the cooling system. Now, the saltwater spray contained within the daily Indian Ocean winds are speeding up the incredible rate of beautiful decay.  On this abandoned journey adventure, it was myself, Dr Hank Snaffler Jr, accompanied by my trusty colleague, Nurse Jane. We had to be careful on this one, things could get nasty.

There were various tales of unconfirmed murders at the abandoned Power Station. In the dark labyrinth of tunnels beneath the complex, it was not hard to imagine the heinous crimes that could be easily hidden. Genuinely, brutally, this was a spine-tingling place to be. Indeed, there was a feeling of alarm during various traverses of the underground maze.

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