Abandoned Building Tour of The World – Commences Tomorrow

Abandoned Building

Hello abandoned building lovers. Dr Hank Snaffler Jr. here, and after a long absence on this site, I have some incredible news for you all. Firstly, I would just like to say “hello” to all of the Abandoned Journey readers! Even without any new posts for some time, this site continues to get many visits.

And now, the big news.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for a ten year journey around the globe. I will be visiting many abandoned buildings, and of course taking photos and writing about them all right here. Finally, the stars have aligned, and I am able to pursue my passions – spending a year doing nothing but travelling and exploring.

From Asia, to Europe, the America’s, and even Africa.

Abandoned building exploration is hugely popular. There are many sites on the internet, but I hope to make Abandoned Journey the most interesting of all.  I would be extremely happy if you followed along with my journey, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about abandoned buildings and urbex.



Dr Hank Snaffler Jr.




2 thoughts on “Abandoned Building Tour of The World – Commences Tomorrow

  1. Are you coming to Perú?
    I remember an abandoned amusement park here, it is called Daytona Park
    Then there are also some buildings that are said to be haunted
    the most famous is La casa Matusita
    I would like travel all around the world and explre all the abandoned places, It’s great that you’re going to do that and will let us see everything c:

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